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The Power of Collaboration - Featured WEAD Artists

 Women Eco Artists Dialog July 2022


Filmmaker Leslie Streit on Her American Ballet Story
by Gillian Sand - CHOPSO February 2022


Filmmaking in the Pandemic

 by Leslie Streit - Cinesource January 2022


The Harkness Ballet Was Camelot!

 by Steven Middlestein - Cinesource November 2018


Member Spotlight - Robin McCain

 by PGA-NMC Wire, April 2011,Vol6, Iss 4


Uncannily Riveting: Another Holo Story

 by Doniphan Blair - Cinesource March 2010


Elly Glass Project

 by Vanessa McMahon -  July 2010


Evil Auntie and the Bay Area Web Pioneers

 by Ginger Liu - September 1, 2009


Chef Evil Auntie - Expert Interview

 by Divya Gugnani -


Evil Auntie Invades New York

 by Ben Homer - Online Video Watch June 2009


 'Evil Auntie' Receives Webby Honorable Mention; Cinematiks Announces Second Season of Webisodes Featuring Eccentric Chef

 by Chris Phaff - May 31, 2009


The Elly Glass Project - Good Morning Gavilan TV Interview

 by Jan Bernstein & Ruth Hill Jones - February 2009


God Wears My Underwear (4 star review)

 by Colin Covert,  Minneapolis Star Tribune, April 2006


God Wears My Underwear, Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival

 by Alex De Leon,, April 2006


The Story of a Tibetan Monk, the Holocaust and past lives

 by Aaron Blair - Afterword Magazine - Summer 2006


Featured Story - God Wears My Underwear

 by Nick Dager - Digital Cinema Report #91 Nov. 2006


Vampires in Cyberspace: A Live Performance Company Sinks Their Teeth Into a New Medium

 by Joaquin Vazquez - VN (Video Networks) - August/September 1996


Vlad Draculea in the Year 2000

 by Ronan O'Donnell - The List - September 1994


Nouveau Dance Troupe - Necropolis Tour '89

 by Salli McQuaid - High Performance, Winter 1989


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